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Gallery 33 - 5th August 2022

  • Gallery 33 - 5th August 2022

    'Abundance' - This recent series of new painting’s reflect an extremely personal reaction to a post covid world which appears chaotic and in many ways the world feels broken. I focused instead on abundance, beauty and the encnantment of the natural world. Picturing a world of abundance.

  • It would likely be
    lush, rich, and ancestral. A topology of connections, webs, and links, a system of relations. Abundance roots our being in the world in fullness, productivity, and plurality, not only for humans but for other life-forms and life-generating entities as well. We recognize how human life is intrinsically enmeshed with that of nonhumans,

  • how our ability to form communities depends on all those who participate in our becoming. The sensibility that emerges from abundance desires all forms of enchantment and cultivates an ethic of joy committed to the art of living together, a ground for making things anew, a space where difference and inventiveness propel new beings and things into the world.

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    Botanical @ Fantastical (2018)

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