The Process

Watch Janette Cervin's pieces come to life as she mixes paint and resin to create beautiful 3D artwork that reveals layer after layer of creativity.

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The Beginning

Janette Cervin attended Unitec Institute of Technology, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Visual Communication before embarking on a Masters of Design (majoring in Painting), which she completed in 2013.Cervin’s work can be read on multiple levels. As an adoption of 16th century Vanitas themes in a 21st century discourse, Cervin’s use of the floral as a motif stands as an emblem of the transience of life and the ephemeral nature of objects in a society driven by a perpetual cycle of production and consumption. Her layered flora and fauna paintings are often created on large-scale industrial surfaces. These works celebrate a collaboration of the traditionally feminine domestic space and a more ambitious contemporary approach to painting. Janette continues to exhibit and produce work from her Warkworth studio.

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The Why

“These paintings celebrate the vitality and beauty of our clean green New Zealand landscape, whilst also drawing attention to the fragility and transience of such beauty in our contemporary world. I walk through our garden on the edge of the bush, and all I see are endless paintings. I hope by capturing the bush I can help others to preserve it.”— JANETTE CERVIN

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The How

Resin application.

After pouring and spreading the resin , it has to be "flamed" to eliminate any small air bubbles from the surface.

Unfortunately it does not always prevent small insects and the like settling.

Once one coat has been applied more painting on top helps to achieve a 3D aspect to the works.

Multiple layers of resin can be applied causing the original painted surface to lie several millimetres below the final layer.

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